Our Mission/Vision/Core Values

Our Mission:  “Hickory Tree Chorus is a supportive community of women singers sharing a passion for musical excellence and performance, while fostering the personal growth of our members. “

These are the CORE VALUES we strive to live by:

           Excellence - continuous education and learning, musicianship, music, performance
           Commitment - pursuit of passion, preparedness, presence, perseverance
           Community - supportive, empowerment
           Respect - personal growth, trust
           Positivity - can-do attitude, zero negativity

Our Vision: The Hickory Tree Chorus That I Want to Sing With:

  • Competes and performs regularly, committed to making each competition and performance better than the last.
  • Is committed to creating quality, innovative performances that challenge members and entertain audiences.
  • Recognizes that the chorus succeeds when each member succeeds.  Expects, encourages, and supports the development of each member’s vocal, performance, and leadership skills through educational opportunities and performance assessments.
  • Expects that each member will lead from where they stand, committed to their own development and that of others, for the good of the chorus.

Recent news

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September 14, 2021 - 8:45pm
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